Anonymous asked: You're welcome and I'll try to keep from asking questions that'll put you in a difficult position but anywho... Other than Marvel how fond are you of the DC Universe? I just started watching Arrow and I'm OBSESSED now, like I may like the Green Arrow more than Batman now and now he's competing with my favorite Captain America.. Which is tough for me but him being Marvel makes it okay I think

omg, actually I used to love DC universe… as a child I watched more DC stuff than Marvel

I loved all Batman animated series, Justice League and Teen Titans ;w; I also still enjoy older Batman movies because they were fun to watch xD

But then both Marvel and DC took making movies very serious a few years ago… and Marvel is just 3265643 times better at it than DC, but it’s just my opinion, because I simply enjoy their way of making the movies more ;) they’re more ‘light’ and funny to watch

and I never read any DC comicbook… while I was able to read around 100 comics with Bucky/Winter Soldier in a week after watching CATWS ;;


La populace vit un enfer, c’est la faute à Robespierre. ♪


La populace vit un enfer, c’est la faute à Robespierre. 

tannyfeels replied to your post: I have a small supply of t-shirts for …

I really wanna meat ya at gamescom!!

I’ll be there during all 4 days so there’s a chance ;)

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"but which one of your favorite characters is your absolute favorite?”


Anonymous asked: I understand what you mean it makes very much sense, I know I try not to assume cause everytime I say "it'll suck I end up loving it. And just to add I think you're so brave with this blog especially with all the questions you don't wanna answer to stay out of it and such. I admire that very much..

ahaha, yeah… I get that a lot too xD


or unfortunately this happens too…

me: OMFG, LOOK AT THIS GAME, LOOK AT EVERYTHING, IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING [plays the video game and analyse some things] damn, this actually sucks D:

I always appreciate talking about video games and making stupid theories… but like I said, it became difficult with ACU because of a few Ubisoft’s mistakes and some butthurted people in the fandom :|

but I’ve always had a few rules considering any discussions on my blog and a lot of them were broken lately B( I do not force people to agree with me on some things, hell, I don’t even put my unpopular opinions in any official tags and I warn everyone that I might post sth that a lot of people here might not agree with and I only expect some respect or at least some quality discussion if you really have sth to say… but I forgot it’s tumblr after all :’) too often lately :’)))

well, thank you for saying that then ;3;

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Arno Victor Dorian~! We can finally see him without his trademark Assassin’s hoodie and he’s a hottie indeed  _(:3 」∠ )_


Arno Victor Dorian~!
We can finally see him without his trademark Assassin’s hoodie and he’s a hottie indeed  _(:3 」∠ )_

Anonymous asked: to answer your answer to my other question, something is telling me Arno was 8 when his real dad died, I'm most likely wrong though, and I doubt he knew about the assassins and Templars feud. But maybe he found out what his dad was and Elise found out who her dad was.. Also do you think it's possible his adoptive father knew Haythem and Birch at one point 😁, I mean London and France both couldn't have Grandmasters so after Birch died Arno's adoptive dad took over. Ugh so many cannons I'm sorry

that’s the confusing part… because if Arno was a little boy, who didn’t know about Assassins and Templars, when he lost his real assassin father (what happened with the rest of family then?) why he was taken in by Templars?

just like you mentioned: did Templars have a strange phase with kidnapping children of assassins? [look: Haytham]

but then if a Templar was taking care of Arno for some time and then he got killed and Arno wanted a revenge (very probably)… WHY THE HELL HE JOINED ASSASSINS WHO PROBABLY KILLED THE MAN?


nah, ACU smells too much like Haytham’s + Altair’s storylines for me now and I can’t say that I like it

but honestly, for the first time ever making any assumptions about a new AC game makes me slightly uncomfortable… probably because of fandom’s reaction to ACU so far

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I have a small supply of t-shirts for #gamescom now c:

I have a small supply of t-shirts for #gamescom now c:


Français: Très beaux designs par PSDO!

English: Awesome designs by PSDO!

Anonymous asked: OKay video game questions. 1. Who did you romance (and fave romance too) in DA universe & ME? 2. Did you play DA: Awakening? Which party member did you most like/dislike? 3. Do you ship Lutece? 4. How many characters did you make in skyrim? 5. You are awesome! 6. Who are you excited to Romance / befriend / rival (idk) in Inquisition DA? /its very clear im a da fan lol

Ahh, video game questions! I love video game questions so thank you for asking <3

1. I checked out literally all romance options in DA and ME universes ;w; But my faves from DA are Alistair, Morrigan, Isabela, Anders and from ME: Kaidan, Garrus, Liara, Tali

2. Yes, I played it more than once ;) I LOVE ANDERS FROM AWAKENING, also Nathaniel, so I’m very sad that you can’t romance anyone there D: And Sigrun is a babe :D But I’m not quite fond of Velanna, I’m not sure why :/

3. No, I do not ship them :P

4. Eight, but I finished the main storyline only once xD


6. omg, I will probably romance EVERYONE in DAI sooner or later :’) but I’m very excited to romance Josephine, Cassandra and Cullen for now :D And let’s be friends with everyone too (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Anonymous asked: Is this also a dishonored blog?

I’ve finished Dishonored a few times and I honestly love this game. I’ve even made a few edits because I post things from many games that I like on my blog, but I don’t want to lie to you… I mostly post/reblog Assassin’s Creed things here

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Anonymous asked: why don't you want elise and arno to be in a romantic relationship?

because I miss kick-ass siblings fighting against odds in AC games D:

Ezio and Claudia were kinda getting there, but not quite since they argued and she wasn’t even in ACR later [huffs] Ezio and Federico? EVEN THINKING ABOUT THEM HURTS ME

and what about romantic drama in the series? I SEE IT IN EVERY DAMN AC GAME

I dunno, maybe it’s their scheme, but I’m getting tired of this B(

I mean, if Elise and Arno will have a destructive romantic relationship… whatever, they can even both die at the end and I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay with that now, what makes me sad because AC games literally got me used to it :/

but I would be far more interested if they were siblings, trying to choose between their duties and family, YES! FAMILY (even adoptive one), NOT A LOVE INTEREST - it would be something fresh in the series for me

really, you can ship the hell out of Arno and Elise and I will not care at all, I’m just talking about my personal feelings towards ACU and AC in general right now, not your opinions


she probably is his adoptive sister :’) at least, I hope so because it would make a lot of sense

but at the same time I can smell a dramatic romantic relationship between them even from Poland in 2014 and it makes me go

so we’ll see, anon, just let’s hope for the best…