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Shay Patriski Curwa


  • mage hawke: magic exists to serve man
  • mage hawke: and that's why U JUST GOT SERVED MOTHERFUCKER


The Wolf Among Us
Anonymous asked: i love you

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selithiel asked: Edward Kenway, amazing graphics, being a lovely person, Kenways in general, and my favorite mutual of close to two years. <3


anasit asked: Co tu dużo pisać, uwielbiam Twojego bloga, trzymaj tak dalej :)

Dziękuję ślicznie <3

ericds07 asked: Kindness, Assassin's Creed, Winter Soldier, Shyness, Polish Teacher :P

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Anonymous asked: weren't you the one who wanted to murder Elise? and now you changed your mind ha? she is a temper and a love interest you know. )

I didn’t change my mind, y’know :P

I never said that I don’t like Elise… just that if I was given the choice in the game, I would kill her because she’s a templar = she’s a threat

I was basically forced to kill Haytham, but looking at that from an assassin point of view… it was the right thing to do but he’s my templar husband and a Kenway so it will always hurt me

I might kill Arno as well if he decides to become a templar at the end of AC Unity :P even if he’s my poor French baby right now and I will protect him like Connor

theminiassassin asked: Hello you are polish too? That's awesome I am too! I'm also a pirate assassin, we should be friends!

w takim razie możesz spokojnie pisać do mnie po polsku :P

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thebatsandthecatskitten asked: Assassin's Creed, The Witcher series, Dragon Age, video games and you're a really nice person!