"I’m glad you’re not dead"


"I’m glad you’re not dead"

Anonymous asked: no ladies??? :c

ahh no, not this time :c

I had only 10 places to fill, so characters like Isabela, Ziio, Black Widow didn’t make it THIS TIME

my real list of fave fictional characters would like this long

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Oh gosh, big thanks to everyone who tried to guess characters from my top 10 list ;w;

I’ve received so many messages, that I was lost for a while ;; Sorry for slow replies or not replying at all. I read all your messages and now I can see that some of my followers know me very well xD

(only Berunov figured out everyone in like 10mins on Skype, but she knows me too well for her own good)

Thank you so much for participating in this small game! I was very happy to get so many asks even if it made me slightly confused xD

no need to be shy or unsure, dear anons c: you’re both correct :D

Steve must be with Bucky till the end of the line and he’s definitely one of my fave superheroes ;;

Hawke (my sassy mage Hawke to be exact) from DA2 had to be on the list as well. Default male Hawke with humorous attitude is great <3


so many people can’t be wrong :’) and it was basically the only easy decision for me when it comes to that list… because I absolutely love Bucky in any universe ;w; comicbooks, movies, cartoons… I don’t care if he’s a member of the Howling Commandos, The Winter Soldier, Bucky Cap, etc. I adore him in absolutely every adaptation [sobs]

I would dare to call him my absolutely favourite fictional character so far :’)

I’m so fucking doomed because of it

I couldn’t decide between Yusuf and Leo for a long time, because I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH, but Yusuf is literally my only ray of hope in ACR which was brutally extinguished by Ubisoft… so here he is :D

Oh gosh, here’s a long list of awesome characters from your messages that are NOT on my top 10 list for now ;;

John Marston,
Desmond Miles,
Cesare Borgia,
Corvo Attano,
Caroline Scott-Kenway,
Anne Bonny,
plague doctors in ACII and Brotherhood (haha, but I truly love these guys and Malfatto),
Delsin Rowe,
Aveline (from AC and DA),

yes, many of you were right :D

P.S. I’m sorry that I’m so slow with updates and replies but you keep sending me messages and I have literally 50 new asks in my askbox right now ;; Thank you <3 I’m trying my best to count and merge similar messages as quickly as possible! :o

doomedanyway asked: sofia sartor :D

curryx asked: anders or morrigan?

my babies ;w;

but they’re not on that list, sorry ;;;;;

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arkham-inmate-001 asked: varric! (imma keep goin till i fill that list haha)


but again… no :c

however like I said, one character from DA2 is on the list and it’s not Varric or any LI ;)

yes, I included Nathan, because he’s definitely my favourite history-nerd with a terrible sense of humour and pretty face :P

[sends hugs]

veleno-fiore asked: Garrett from Thief? ovo

I still haven’t played Thief, so obviously no 

s-p-a-n asked: Shot in the dark - JAMES KIDD?


but no, she’s not my 4th AC character on the list :P