Anonymous asked: I was looking through some interviews and one of the devs said that Edward is going to be a "charismatic ladies man" so he probably has to be somewhat laid back and easy going going by that. of course people have take that as 'omg he's an ezio clone because he's charismatic and sleeps wiht ladies aaaa'

I’ve kinda got that expression too, to be honest :/ I don’t want another Ezio and I’m not sure if I want such a womanizer as a protagonist again. But! On the other hand, I’m sure it’s gonna be a loooot different with Edward. Just read first info about his background… He’s not going to be another Ezio, not at all :P

OMG, I’m so conflicted right now. I’m definitely not going to judge him or something, but there are so many things about Edward Kenway that I’m curious about that it almost makes me mad D:

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