Morning summary of my life

I’m still elbow deep in statistics shit and I really hope my tutor won’t be cruel for us today.

Too many Citadel spoilers here but I already bought and installed the DLC - I’ll wait and play it tonight with Ania (at the same time I’m angry because I don’t have a good save for it - I still haven’t finished ME2 with my Haytham Shepard!)

Even more statistics problems to solve before 5pm

feathernotes’ art absolutely crushed my heart this morning, so excuse me… I’m leaving and sobbing now

gfdsadhs, I just want to finally pass this test! D:

  1. home-and-minor said: dobrze będzie :*
  2. fawnduu said: Omg! Im taking statistics currently Too! I dont know why but i really get it, my teacher is really good. I think you either get stats or you dont at all.
  3. darth-sebious said: Good luck, I mean good hunting! Hope today picks up and you get to have some fun playing the DLC. All the best :-)
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