I wooooooke up! WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS MY DLC?!!

*checks out PS Store*

*deep breath*

Okay Ubisoft… One. Last. Chance. I feel better and I need to go shopping. I give you two hours… TWO HOURS AND I WANT THIS DAMN DLC AVAILABLE IN MY PS STORE!!!

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  2. trainerkelly said: Hopefully it’ll show up for you soon!
  3. atenad said: What mothermercy said. It’s not Ubi’s fault this one. It’s the PS store. The DLC will be there the moment the store updates. Same as it was with infamy, it will be with betrayal and redemption.
  4. ponnor-kenwei said: I think it’ll be up around the same time as last time because that’s when the PS Store updates. Or, at least, I assume that’s why.
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