I hate you for this

okaay, I think it’s time to prove to my followers that some ugly, fat, old guy didn’t kill me and steal my blog to spam you with nsfw pics…

and if you’re so bored to make me an OC in a fanfiction, be my guest :P but I’m posting 4 pics, so I expect a really good AC ff xD

I’m putting everything under the cut so you won’t go blind because of my bloody face, when you’re scrolling down your dashes

so that’s basically the happy version of me when I have time to play video games, read a book or be on tumblr all day

and that’s me when: I am at university, I have to go to work for 12h, I have to deal with social life in general, I’m answering stupid anon asks

  1. malocusian said: I actually found myself thinking “how does her face work”, like, how! You’re cute :> Also: I envie you a bit for the hairstyle - it’d never work on me x’D
  2. littlemissvalentine said: CUTIE PIE UGUU
  3. cmajalislolz said: You look very sweet :3
  4. teenytabris said: Oh, it’s coming! And you should know that you’re super adorable.
  5. annaxiin said: KAWAII DESU
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