I’m seriously getting sick whenever I see 9-12 year-old children commenting on Assassin’s Creed posts on facebook


that’s why I got furious last time when my 8 year-old cousin asked me out of blue if I had any AC games and if I could let him play B( I really had a serious talk with my aunt and uncle…

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    I agree with all of this except the part where we are adults. I’ve seen some of these fandoms. I’ve seen the ships. I’ve...
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  9. kaschra said: Yeah… the age rating is there for a reason.
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    i absolutely agree, often i see kids playing AC or ME and it drives me nuts. those games are meant for a mature viewer,...
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    Sorry I thought it was you ;3;
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    I didn’t draw this. This amazing fanart (which I use too often for my own liking, because it’s my ultimate reaction to...
  19. neko-kats said: I won’t say a word ^^’… I started to play video games very very young and I even played Resident Evil 2 at 8 years old ^^’… But I understand children don’t need to play these kind of games… Because now games are really realistic ^^’
  20. cervvo said: Nie mam nic do dzieciaków grających w ac ale moim zdaniem nie powinny w tym wieku kleić się do tej gry. A z tego względu że nic z tego nie wyniosą.Mając mentalność 8-10latka wyniosą tylko dźganie nożem i wulgarne teksty a nie histostorie samą w sobie
  21. ezios-fine-ass said: Never considered AC THAT graphic or violent. If parents are ok for children to play a game it’s not for us to argue
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  23. lightnii said: auugh it’s so infuriating!! the 11 year old in my host family here cried to his mum when i wouldn’t lend him my games and i just ….auuugh…..the age rating is there for a reason, i know how you feel :(