I almost forgot that this thing exists… and it was better that way

From loving a guy to stabbing him (in 5 seconds), the bestseller by Claudia Auditore

Claudia: Here I keep a list of the skills taught to my girls.
Ezio: You are not teaching them much.
Claudia: Think you can do better?
Ezio: Nessun problema.

excuse me Ezio, but I’d like to see what skills you want to teach courtesans :’D

Claudia: Welcome to the Rosa in Fiore, as you can see, the most popular brothel in Roma.

Courtesan: Messere, without someone who can run things, we are finished!
Claudia: I’ll do it.
Ezio: You do not belong here, Claudia.
Claudia: I know how to run a business. I ran Uncle Mario’s for years.
Ezio: This is different.
Maria: What alternative do you have, Ezio?
Ezio: You do this, Claudia, and you are on your own.
Claudia: I’ve been on my own for twenty years.


8. Claudia Auditore  (Assassin’s Creed series)