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Anonymous asked: You're ruining my life with all of these edits send help


Anonymous asked: Oh god, something i've noticed about all this secrets, what if Consus reborn to save humans from Juno? I mean, do what his brothers could not, so what if he's the one behind "Erudito Industries"? - All make sense if you think about it in detail, he has revealed the truth to humans, he has freed us from ignorance... because he knows that war awaits us. He is the god of knowledge, and knowledge is power. (this last sounds like Watch Dogs). [...] But, it is only a theory.

but it’s a very good theory!

I guess we have to wait for AC4 (if not longer) to be sure of this :/

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Anonymous asked: Juno was not the first resurrected god. the first god to return to life was Consus, with the body of Giovanni Borgia... on the Temple of Pythagoras.

*nods her head*

Anonymous asked: hey pati~! hope you're doing well! are you having a good week? wish everything is going well with you and that you're having a great time *_* if not, things will get better and I will take my revenge on those poops who annoy you D8<

if you can call studying for exams ‘having a great time’, then yes - I’m having the best time in my life :’)

yeah… a huge exams shitstorm is coming and I really want this to be over ;__;

and if you want to take revenge on people who annoy me, you will have to take down half of people from my uni and work xD

but thank you very much! this message really made me smile <3

Anonymous asked: I love how we almost post the same kind of things all of the time.

Oh, really? That’s awesome c:

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wolfy2-13 asked: Absolute favorite Assassin couple?

as OTP?

hmm… probably Altair and Maria :P

and as far as Ezio is concerned, I still haven’t decided if Ezio/Leo and Ezio/Yusuf are my OTPs or the best bromances in the history of video games… both, I think xD

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Anonymous asked: yusuf should've been ezio's love interest in revelations

He would be much better for Ezio than Sofia


Anonymous asked: Playstation 4 is undoubtedly the king of the next generation of consoles. but PC always be our god.

The more news about Xbox One I read, the more I agree with that opinion about PS4…

But yeah, PC will always be ahead xD And no one is bitching about it :P

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Anonymous asked: thanks for the woodkid and connor kenway photoset. omg. my two favorite things.

You’re very welcome xD

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Anonymous asked: for the next gen, XBOX One or PS4? reminds that Ubisoft is the Sony lover. XDDD

I think my answer is obvious…


*caress my PS3*

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Anonymous asked: Are you buying next gen consoles on release day?

if I won in a lottery, then yes…

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Anonymous asked: Bitch please are you fucking for really the Assassin you have been posting is Altair got it right you gorm!!


I’m not sure if you’re trolling with me or not, but you gave me a great laugh anyway, so kudos for you :’D

whispers/ but if you’re not trolling better buy good glasses or actually play the game (✿◠‿◠)

Anonymous asked: Sorry if it's a stupid question, but how do you get alternate outfits for revelations (・っ・)

You can read about all cosmetic outfits [HERE]

and to wear them you must choose equipment from the pause menu and then outfits ;)

Anonymous asked: .I think everyone on this fandom loves Clay Kaczmarek - simply is much better than Desmond.