Probably for the first time ever I have too many games to play…

I need to finish The Longest Journey, 3rd save in AC3 and 4th save in Dishonored, continue The Last of Us, start Tomb Rider and Prince of Persia, make a new save in Tyranny of King Washington and AC4 Black Flag


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Cassandra: The only one who escaped the blast that killed thousands and you have no idea how you survived?

My future Inquisitor: Shit happens.

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Here’s a new member of my family - little Luna :D

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Hmm, I’m just wondering… are there Mac versions of AC games as well?

I really don’t think so :/

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[touches screen] are you all even real???

thanks again for putting so much faith and follows in my blog ;3; ILU <3

and I keep telling myself: not bad for an AC blog that doesn’t even have ‘A’ or ‘C’ in the name xD

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Instead of AC Unity or AC Comet or AC ‘whatever’, you can just give me another game with Edward in his later days when all his activities included: crushing noble parties, getting drunk without dragging Tessa’s attention, buying his children hot chocolate, getting too emotional over his dog Thatch and occasionally punching Reginald in his stupid face.

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quality screencaps by berunov xD

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Ehh, I really hope Ubisoft will show something more about AC Unity or this second AC game on PAX East… C’mon! Exactly one year ago I already had  my AC4 Black Flag pre-order :/

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Can I just say how happy I am that even Mary Read’s voice acteress thinks that between Mary and Edward was no romance? :D They were just the best friends who really cared about each other 

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Okay… I’M BACK :D

Maybe you noticed or not, but I had to take a small break from tumblr, because I was very VERY busy with my university life and work. But all important things are done for now, so I can play video games again because I didn’t touch my PS3 for a few days too smdhfksdjfds

Sooo… excuse me, because I just installed TWAU A Crooked Mile

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