Talking with Diana on Skype is more like

And watching her trying to draw her beloved son but coming out with Winter Soldier again

P.S. I hate you too, Diana <3

Arno must be an angry guy

like very angry guy


I’m so ready but not ready, because I still can’t believe that I’m going there ;w;

I just hope to meet many familiar and not-familiar faces from here soon xD

I got my very first and very big donation

I’m just… speechless… I really can’t express how much it means to me and I doubt I will ever be able to repay you, Cheryl ;w; You can be sure that I will save your money for buying PS4 ;)

Okay, I actually cried, because I am so happy ;;;; I never thought that anyone… [sobs] omg, simple thank you is NOT enough here

btw, I updated my donation page, so you can now make donations in dollars too if you like :)

Basically EVERY dollar/euro/etc. counts and I’ll be forever grateful

Alright, my dear followers!

I made a special page where you can donate any amount of money to support me in running this blog! Any donation will mean a world to me, really! ;w;


I will save all the money for buying PS4 or better PC or for pre-orders of the newest games. Perhaps in the future, I will be able to post more quality stuff on my blog :)

You can make donations only in euros… for now. I’m sorry, but it’s the best option for me ;;

Let me know if you have ANY problems!

Also, huge thanks to all people who encouraged me to do it <333 I really don’t like to ask about such things, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to still improve this blog with my current situation :’(


Anonymous asked: I realized that if I save $40 from every check from now till ACU I can get my console. But I'm not sure the difference in currency for you. But it's a thought. Sorry if it doesn't apply to you AT ALL though, only trying to help

It actually wouldn’t work for me, but thanks for the tip anyway :)

You see… I guess PS4 in USA costs around $400 now, right? In Poland it costs around 1600-1800PLN and no, we do not earn 4 times more money than people in USA. That’s the problem.

It’s not like we’re all poor as hell here, but considering my situation - a student, with a part-time and not well-paid job, living on her own, but still very passionate about video games - yes, you can say that I’m poor at least when it comes to funding my hobby, because I have to pay for other things in my life too… That’s why I usually don’t have money for any cool geek stuff (I had to save for 4 months to buy AC4 Black Chest edition). Only last year was quite fortunate for me, because I got to know some awesome people and thanks to them I could buy some things cheaper (mostly by dividing shipping costs), so my AC collection isn’t small now and I’m proud of it. But of course because of this, I couldn’t do a few other things that I really wanted to do last year because of money issues. You always have to choose, right?

And perhaps I would be able to buy myself a PS4 or a better PC now, if I didn’t go to Gamescom this year. But I had made my choice long before I knew that AC Unity will be next-gen exclusive and I would make the same choice again (Gamescom > PS4). It just really hurts me that even with being such a big AC fan, it’s really possible that I won’t be able to play the next game from my fave series just because I don’t have a right platform for it :(

My mom keeps asking me that if I have such a popular blog then why I make absolutely no profit from it? Because she watched some TV programs where people were talking how they’re making a shitload of money from their fashion or cooking blogs. I can only roll my eyes at her. The last thing that I would do is to put some adverts on my blog, because they sometimes piss me off on other sites, so I don’t want them here at all. Start doing commissions? I can’t draw and I don’t have enough talent to make anything worth selling. Ask around for sponsors? Oh please…

So yeah, I have money for video games and other cool stuff just because I have a part-time job, but believe me that my wage is so low that I wouldn’t be able to collect enough money till October even if I didn’t go to Gamescom x_x

So here you go… You pretty much know what’s going on with my wallet and bank account right now and with the upcoming premieres of ACU and DAI, it makes me hella anxious whenever I think of it.

Plan for tonight:
- play TWAU season finale (twice)
- maybe start Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

But I’m actually quite worried about Cry Wolf… I have a stupid feeling that I might be disappointed :/ They created too many plotlines in 4 episodes and I’m scared they won’t be able to sum everything up nicely now. ALSO IF BIGBY AND SNOW WON’T KISS, I WILL PUNCH A WALL.

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Hmm, maybe if I start thinking about good names for my Inquisitors right now, I will actually come up with something nice when DAI comes out


Sometimes I’m not calling you a liar from DA2 ending pops up on my playlist and I’m still like

So I’ve finished Remember Me :o

It was a pretty good game, but yes… a little bit glitchy and irritating at times, but I just really don’t like long fights with enemies and bosses :P

[some big plotline spoilers below]

The story got more and more interesting. I didn’t expect Nilin to be a daughter of Charles and Scylla o.O Also I thought that Edge would turn his back on Nilin any time… And I had a huge desire to punch him to the moon, because his excited screams and talking absolute bullshit sometimes just to make Nilin do sth pissed me off so much. I punched him… after all xD So what that he was just a part of the main problem with Sensen?

But what really rubs me the wrong way is how some ‘bad’ characters in Remember Me, became bad :| I mean… what mother would blame her child for a car accident (even if it really was the child’s fault) and then decide that all people should suffer because of it? Okay, Scylla lost a leg, but she probably got the most advanced prosthesis… And she kept her crushed car in her office as a reminder? WTF? Not to mention that the first thing she did after the accident was yelling at scared Nilin x_x

And Charles… I know he wasn’t bad at all. But he created mixing memories technology, tested it on his own daughter and decided that he must save world with it. Great… but good luck with doing that by being locked in a strange cube and giving power to some really fucked up people like dr. Quaid. I don’t think that Charles even knew that Quaid almost turned Nilin into a leaper…

Anyway… I’m gonna post some Remember Me edits now because, like I said before, the game is absolutely beautiful ;w;

My gaming plans for July are sorted out :D 

I’m not going to lie… I’m so going to take revenge on Cullen in DAI for my elf mage Warden from DAO


I’m very happy to announce that I finally have my Bachelor’s Degree :D

And all thanks to Assassin’s Creed, lol

So thank you for all your supportive messages when I was freaking out lately and huge thanks to everyone who filled in my AC survey some time ago! :D

Now I can go and celebrate, because it’s also Captain America’s birthday AWWW YEAH!

I’m 100% done with my right brain atm. Can you see a bloody difference between my 9pm and 2:30am random doodles? [flips table]