agentkaromanova asked: Witam, milo wpasc na przypadkowy Tumblr z AC i zorientowac sie, ze ma sie do czynienia z Polka ;)

A ja nie wiedziałam, że Natasha potrafi mówić po polsku i ma konto na tumblerze xD

Ależ witam serdecznie w moich skromnych progach :D

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lunathelionheart asked: Hellllllooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

cccrystalclear asked: I like your icon too much

I can say the same about yours

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animusloading asked: Do you think it is a good idea to put Assassin's Creed in a Movie? Or do you like videogame movies in general? I don't think the Assassin's Creed movie is a good idea, just look at prince of persia and see how that turned out :/

Short answers: no and no.

Longer answers: [here] ;)

twistedmindstorm asked: Top 5 funniest things that happened to you/next to you ever?

I had to give it some thought, because I’m a walking disaster and many funny or embarrassing things happen to me often :P But you know… it’s always easier to remember funny things that happened to other people than you :P

Let’s try then… but they’re definitely not the top funniest things that ever happened to me. They just came to my mind right now.

1. When I was 15, I went to a ski trip with my dad and sister. And I used to ski quite fast back then. Well… I almost hit one of the popular news presenters in Poland, who happened to be there too [snorts] But he didn’t mind that much and he even let me took a photo with him later.

2. Sometimes I work in a cafe which is located in the railway station and I have to deal with all kind of people there… especially when it’s quite late. But once a guy asked me for the way to one place in German. I know German… a little bit. I can understand something, but I absolutely can’t reply. So I tried in English and I even drew him a small map on a napkin. It turned out later that the guy was Polish and wanted to prank me and he was recording me with hidden camera all the time, without my permission ofc and then he ran away :| But apparently my babblings in English were too boring to upload them to any YT channel :P

3. I once was chilling out in a hammock with a friend. We were listening to AC4 OST and we started to swing… a lot. So after 2 tunes, me and my friend ended up 2 metres further on the ground… with a hammock xD

4. Ohh let me tell you the story of the mysterious huge, giant, mutant, German hedgehog xD We were sleeping in a tent when we went to gamescom and I think it happened during the last night (Diana, please correct me if I’m wrong). My friend and I were sleeping in one chamber, berunov was sleeping in the second one and we were so ‘nice’ that we let another friend to sleep in an antechamber where we left some chips the previous night. So our friend had some hungry guests at night, when the rest of us wasn’t even bothered by this :P From what he told us in the morning, he had to ‘fight’ some mice and a HUGE hedgehog xDD He just put his head inside the tent and announced with very not amused tone of voice and straight face that he had to deal with ‘huge, giant, mutant, German hedgehog’ while we were sleeping :’) Yeah, this story counts as ‘the funny story that happened next to me’ because I was basically sleeping right next to him, but thank God I decided to zip the entrance to our sleeping chamber that night xDDD

5. Also, every conversation with berunov on kik when I am at work is one big, very funny (mostly to her) joke… ESPECIALLY THE LAST FUCKING ONE. You really don’t want to know about what we were talking about, but I wasn’t able to sell ice creams because I started to laugh very loud in front of customers (to the point that I had tears in my eyes) and I had to apologize, turn around, think about very sad things and continue my work.

moltobenene asked: Tak z ciekawości, bardziej czekasz na Unity czy Rogue? :>

Jeśli chodzi o storyline to zdecydowanie Rogue c:

Ale jeśli chodzi o samą mechanikę gry to Unity :P Po prostu nie mogę się doczekać coopa ;w;

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mutantfactor asked: Top 5 assassins and templars uwu

why you do this to me? T______T

it should be like top 50 instead of top 5, ugh

okay, here we go…

1. Edward dumbass Kenway
2. Connor baby Kenway
3. Haytham (s)asslord Kenway 
4. Benjamin sideburns Hornigold
5. Yusuf huehuehue Tazim


drparisa replied to your post: drparisa said:TOP 5 REASONS I’M A…


just let me quote Diana here: HINHINHINHIN

drparisa asked: TOP 5 REASONS I'M A JERK






Anonymous asked: TOP 5 MARVEL's movies?


1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - do I REALLY have to explain this?
2. Guardians of the Galaxy - because if I will have to choose the most entertaining Marvel movie, I choose this one xD
3. Captain America: The First Avenger - [hides face in hands and starts sobbing]
4. Iron Man 3 - because when it comes to Marvel, everything started with Iron Man for me
5. The Avengers - I was considering putting Iron Man 2 here on the list, because I don’t like some things in The Avengers (see: making an yelling grandpa out of Cap), but… the movie is still great xD

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valrider asked: Top 5 AC trailers B)


but let’s try…

[1] - at least I didn’t have a problem here xD

[2] - still love this trailer very much, even if the game was a storyline disaster

[3] - definitely my fave ‘not cinematic’ AC trailer :D

[4] - MY BABY ;w;

[5] - fanservice 8)

Anonymous asked: I'm glad you feel the same way I do about the AC film! My friends think I'm a party pooper (usually I'd be the most excited) but I feel ubi is dragging the franchise on... I'm worried the film will look tacky and make the whole franchise look bad!

You know that I am a huge AC fan, right? [points at my blog]

But I can criticize Ubisoft’s decisions from time to time…

And I actually have two different points of view on AC movie.

First, as a great fan of AC games, I can tell that I’m not happy at all with this movie being made. Why? I explained it already [here]. So for me there’s like 90% of chance that they will screw it up. Too high to be optmistic about it, but not that hopeless after all.

And my second point of view? I wrote a thesis about Assassin’s Creed marketing in social media, but I couldn’t avoid taking a wider look at the marketing of the series. I’m not a specialist, but I’m interested in this kind of stuff in general. Is making an AC movie good for the franchise? Technically… yes. They are expanding the brand with a new medium. It will gain attention of many new people who might end up with playing AC games and I think that’s the main goal of that movie. But at the same time players are known for not taking such news kindly… However, Ubi must be pretty aware of that and they decided to make a movie anyway… you know… the lure of bigger profits…

Will AC movie suddenly turn out to be a blockbuster? I really doubt it [points at Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time]

But if Ubisoft think that they can pull out an interesting AC movie that would actually do more good than bad to the very popular brand…


We’ll see… but I told you, I have my reasons as a player to be quite pessimistic about it.

Anonymous asked: ac movie will also have downey jr

Anonymous asked: I'm glad I'm not the only one upset about the AC movie. I'm just trying to pretend its not happening. Denial is good.

Yeah, denial is very good till they start a real marketing campaign…

But thank God it comes out around 3 months after The Avengers: Age of Ultron, so I’ll probably still be yelling about that movie. And they will be filming Captain America 3. I mean, look at me still crying and yelling about Captain America: The Winter Soldier 6 months after its premiere, so yup Marvel fandom hit me THAT hard and I will probably ‘hide’ more than usual in MCU when the time will come :|

Anyway, I’m not looking forward to AC movie at all, but I knew it would happen sooner or later. Will I go and see it in a cinema? Pff, I’m not sure my money will be worth it, but we’ll see… we’ll see…

valrider replied to your post: valrider said:What do you think a…

How dare you?

I must test the Templar grounds first xD 

But I guess in November, I will have a lot of Templar hot stuff to think over 

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