Anonymous asked: Hiya. Love your blog. Just wanted to ask. How do get people to talk to you. I feel rather lonely and I want people to ask me stuff. How do I do it?!

hello, dear anon :)

well, I’m afraid I don’t have answer to your question, because I never ‘make’ people talk with me :| I’m so lucky to have so many lovely followers that basically there’s always someone willing to talk to me ;w;

but the thing is… I’m a very shy person in real life and I prefer to listen than talk :o ask people who talked with me in person or on Skype and they will confirm it for sure

however, I can talk about things that I’m passionate about ALL THE TIME

ask me anything about Assassin’s Creed or some Marvel characters and I will not be able to shut up for hours ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

maybe here’s your answer, anon… find people with the same interests as you have and I’m sure they will appreciate talking with you! and don’t be like me in real life, don’t be shy :P

berunov replied to your post: Reason of infinite sadness: awesome th…

You had to bring this in the morning, I’m going to sob in that corner.

You know the rules, Diana. If you’re my best friend, you have to suffer with me because of such things…

Anonymous asked: I'm super excited for unity so to get ready I went ahead and read Brahman. Thoughts on the book and the assassin Arbaaz Mir?

Oh, I’m sorry, but I haven’t had a chance to read AC Brahman, so I really can’t say anything about it :(

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scallywagsandseamonsters asked: I'm glad you shared those thoughts on Revelations. I loved Brotherhood and was so disappointed with Revelations. I just felt the whole thing was boring and more like an add on than a fully fledged game. It was originally intended as a PS Vita game but they decided to develop it into a full console game. There wasn't much drama in the story or gameplay except for Yusuf dying.

AC Revelations ALMOST made me leave AC fandom tbh, but hahaha let’s forget about it :’)

Like I said before, I like basically everything in this game besides storyline and since storyline is the most important aspect of AC games for me… yeah [sighs]

I just hope that something like ACR will never again happen in AC series x_x

crepsley asked: I agree with you on ACR Ezio. The game was alright in general, but it felt like playing a whole new person, because Oldzio was not the assassin I came to adore in the previous games. While other AC games always give me an emotional rush throughout the whole thing, the only two times I felt something other than "i suppose this is okay" were when Yusuf died and the end with Altair and Ezio quitting.

I’m so happy that you agree with me, because I have basically the same feelings about this game…

yusufdaistanbooty replied to your post: UNCHARTED MOVIE AND ALREADY WITH THE…

WUH— is there a link or a trailer or is it just an article or something? o3o

no trailer :(

they just announced it on [twitter]


reasonablywittyatbest asked: I had never thought about ACR in those terms, but now you have pointed it out, you're very right about a lot of it. And you made your point very well. I have to ask though, how did you feel about the final scenes, with mummy Altair and Ezio taking off his gear? Made me pretty emotional.

This scene really made me cry like a baby

And I had chills when Ezio started talking directly to Desmond. It was a very nice and very emotional ending after all ;;

erranruin asked: Why did ACR destroy Ezio Auditore for you? o.o You've probably answered this question before but I saw the answer you did just now about Ezio and I was curious since I always liked ACR the best out of all the Ezio games

Ahh yes, people often ask me why I hate ACR, but I don’t mind sharing my opinion again if you want to know.

Basically, ACR is the only AC game that I fully finished just once. I tried to do it the second time, but I simply couldn’t. Which is very sad because I really liked the music, the settings and the gameplay in this game. I enjoyed all side quests with assassins and even the den defence mini-games that many fans seemed to hate. And I think I don’t have to mention that I absolutely love Yusuf and I will never get over how he died in ACR - that’s one reason why I don’t like the game.

But why Revelations destroyed Ezio for me? Let’s say that I expected something more from him after all those years as an assassin mentor than putting his personal matters before the well-being of the world. Yes, I mean the very end of the game when Ezio basically used Ottoman assassins (right after the death of their mentor, I might add) and the keys to Altair’s library to save Sofia - the love of his life, who reminded me a little bit too much of Leonardo when it comes to her behaviour :| If Ezio just thought for a second that something might go wrong, so maybe they needed a better plan or something, I would feel better. But no…

Also, the fact that Ezio was responsible for blowing up the hidden city in Cappadocia, just because he needed a ‘distraction’. Do I really have to remind The Creed of the Assassins? Because he basically BROKE ALL 3 RULES HERE AND HE WAS THE GREAT IL MENTORE FFS!

And he never ever should have taken Sofia to Masyaf and showing her the Assassins’ HQ. She wasn’t an assassin. She knew shit about the Brotherhood. If Ezio needed a company, he should have taken one of Yusuf’s assassin to make them more aware with what they are dealing with in the Brotherhood.

These are the main reasons why ACR was a bad game in my opinion and should never be created.

But since it’s tumblr I think I should add that I’m more than okay if you think that ACR was the best game with Ezio and nicely developed his character. The fact that I have a different opinion doesn’t mean that I don’t respect yours :) And I think I will try to replay ACR soon… but ‘try’ is the key word here :/

rightzack asked: I've downloaded the game but it won't work for me I think it's cause I'm in the UK :( I was so exited

Aww, that sucks :( I didn’t know about any geo-restrictions if there are any D:

I better download it rn and check if it will work for me then…

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Anonymous asked: no ladies??? :c

ahh no, not this time :c

I had only 10 places to fill, so characters like Isabela, Ziio, Black Widow didn’t make it THIS TIME

my real list of fave fictional characters would like this long

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doomedanyway asked: sofia sartor :D

curryx asked: anders or morrigan?

my babies ;w;

but they’re not on that list, sorry ;;;;;

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arkham-inmate-001 asked: varric! (imma keep goin till i fill that list haha)


but again… no :c

however like I said, one character from DA2 is on the list and it’s not Varric or any LI ;)

veleno-fiore asked: Garrett from Thief? ovo

I still haven’t played Thief, so obviously no 

s-p-a-n asked: Shot in the dark - JAMES KIDD?


but no, she’s not my 4th AC character on the list :P