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you didn’t mentionned how Diana melted from her seat screaming “I DON’T KNOW HER” when I started shouting “fucks” at Daniel and Desmond story XD

omg, I forgot about the best part xD

but the moment UbiGabe said ‘c’mon! no one is going to ask about Desmond?’, I looked at you and I knew he made a terrible mistake :P

Diana just prefered to flee from the crime scene, before shit hit the fan xD

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Just a quick question: have you seen Matt Ryan's ‎Ice Bucket Challenge‬ video? :)

Hahaha, of course I did

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klc-journei asked: Haha don't like Salai? xD

I don’t care about him that much tbh :P

but he was a little shit for real xD

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tiaraniaroiyaru asked: Wanted to tell you I've followed your blog for awhile and I absolutely love it to pieces. You're beautiful! :D <3

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but AC:Liberation did eventually come to PS3… so there may be hope for AC:Rogue?

that’s exactly what I meant to say ;)

AC LIberation first was released only on PS Vita but after around one year (I guess?) it came out on PS3, Xbox360 and PC, so I don’t think Ubisoft will miss the opportunity to release Rogue on PS4, Xbox One and PC :P

they just have to wait till PS3 and Xbox360 owners feel a little bit more comforted about the fact that AC Unity will not come out for their consoles…

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Rogue will be released on PC? I know at the moment it's only PS3 and Xbox but do you think it'll change in future? I'm much more excited for Rogue than I am for Unity and yet I can only play Unity :(

Knowing Ubisoft…

hmm, AC Rogue might turn out to be as PS3 and Xbox360 exclusive as AC Liberation was PS Vita exclusive ;)

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Rogue ain’t on PC haha

haha, I have PS3 as well, hahaha



If I buy a new PC by the end of October, my biggest dilemma will be…

to play Assassin’s Creed Unity or Assassin’s Creed Rogue first?



why not both :))))
plus a lot of us don’t have xbox 360 or ps3„ so I don’t think its gonna be a problem :)) 

well, even if I will play AC Rogue on PS3 and AC Unity on PC, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t play these two games AT THE SAME TIME

playing one memory from ACR and then one from ACU sounds like the most ridiculous idea to me

I guess I will play AC Rogue first since it links previous games to AC Unity ;) it’s better to maintain some kind of timeline while playing… even if the timeline in AC games has been totally fucked up since AC4

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efinkusthegr8 asked: Blood, rum, Caribbean sea water, more rum, and a dead Templar's necklace.



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klc-journei asked: Alitair, Ezio, Haytham, Edward, Arno, and Ben Honigold. Why yes, those 6 components.

I would be there in a second

pastrygirlshiro asked: Charles Vane's VA was in guardians of the galaxy ? o_o

Yup :P I totally missed him the first time, but I clearly heard his voice while watching the movie for the second time. Then I took a closer look at one of the Ravager pilots and yes, it was him :D

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AYEEEE, I’m saving my most handsome Inquisitor for Josie

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klc-journei asked: You're romancing Cullen and Josephine too!!!?? 8D

I’m romancing everyone 8)

But I think Cullen and Josephine will be first :P

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Anonymous asked: Oh we're same here then. I will only play rogue because my PC cant run that kind of games and I don't have Ps4... But actually I'm excited about Rogue, playing as a templar makes me happy as hell

Yup, playing as a Templar is a very nice idea and I’ve been waiting for such game since AC3 and the plot twist with Haytham :D

I’m quite optimistic about AC Rogue storyline anyway, but I already know I’ll even appreciate the game just for the gameplay ;)

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to play Ac unity and Ac rogue?

AC Rogue for sure :P I actually already played it at gamescom xD It has AC4 gameplay and I loved AC4 gameplay, so even if the story will kinda suck, I’m pretty sure I will just enjoying playing it for the mechanics and Haytham

When it comes to AC Unity… Yes, I’d love to play it, but I’m not sure that I will get a good PC or PS4 before its release [sighs] So we will see when I’ll actually be able to play it :|

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