Anonymous asked: Lmao, we and our nerd-problems <3 xD

yeah, next time I will only put plain white t-shirts in my wardrobe and the problem will be solved :P

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Anonymous asked: Hello, you precious sweetheart. Any chances for the Witcher edits? :)

There are many chances for that ;)

But I’m afraid that for the Witcher flood on my blog, you’ll have to wait till I get my new PC. I’ll post many edited screencaps then c:

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Anonymous asked: could you make more iphone wallpapers(for the 5s)? I LOVE your blog!!!! Could you make some wallpapers with just the AC logo on it?

ohh, that’s a rad idea, anon :D

I haven’t made any phone wallpapers in general in a while and even my new phone could use some c:

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badassincreed asked: Could you take a look on my edit? I'm new on tumblr, I want a profissional opinion ^^

aww, welcome on tumblr!!!

I’m afraid you will not get a professional opinion from me because, by any means, I am not a professional graphic designer not yet at least

but as a person who has made a few graphics in their life, I can say that your edits are quite good c: just keep making more of them, try to look for some tutorials on the internet and you will only get better :D

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angeldeansass replied to your post: anonymous said:Has Ufisoft releas…

widows 8 sucks. build a new computer with windows 7 dont even try windows 8 i regret going to 8 every day

the-winchesters-creed replied to your post: anonymous said:Has Ufisoft releas…

don’t buy Windows 8 yet. A developer preview for Windows 9 will be announced this month, and final release expected early next year. It will have better desktop than Windows 8, and will probably be faster.

felifay replied to your post: anonymous said:Has Ufisoft releas…

Stay with Win7! It’s alot better for gaming. Win8 has a lot of stupid unessesary crap in it which takes away from your processor.

I guess I made up my mind… thanks! :D

Anonymous asked: Has Ufisoft released the system requirements for AC Unity? I have Windows 8 in my PC and I don't know if the game will run with it :/

I think ‘Ufisoft’ or Ubisoft haven’t released system requirement for ACU yet… but I’m sure they will soon!

It’s a actually a damn good question, because I dunno if I should stay with Windows 7 on my new PC or risk and buy Windows 8 :|

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captain-tribble asked: heya! sorry to bother you like that, i just wanted to tell you that after a while on ebay i found that unity flag from gamescom. i'm so happy! i will be able to swich places with the one from ACIII wich has been there for a long time. i also found the variant for Black flag (the one who looks like ripped) i can never have enough pirates! anyway, i'm sure, being there, you have seen the AC Unity bottle opener?

ahh, that’s pretty cool!!!!!

if you’re going to buy them and hang somewhere, remember to send me a photo later :D

hahaha, yeah! I saw the bottle opener… a little exaggeration if you ask me but at least it wouldn’t be useless :P

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Anonymous asked: if someone were to draw you two of your favourite characters from any game, who would they be?

whenever someone asks me about my fave video game characters…


sdhfsdkhfkjdsfkdsf I DUNNO THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM

but you know that Kenways are very close to my heart ;w;

so definitely Edward and Connor… or maybe just Edward and Benjamin Hornigold from AC4 if you mean just one game ;)

drparisa asked: 'arno will not die at the end' COULD BE A ZOMBIE AU, PATI. REMEMBER TTOKW

omg, maybe you’re right

but why it can never be A CANDY SHOP AU or maybe A BAKERY AU in this case where Arno ends up making baguettes for the rest of his life???

Anonymous asked: SHAO JUUUUN

oh, I know!

I was at work so I must catch up with the news now, but berunov let me know about it xD

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aaronfetamina replied to your post: JUST LET ME SCREAM VERY LOUD BECAUSE P…


ej, wbrew pozorom trochę nas tu jest :P

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agentkaromanova asked: Witam, milo wpasc na przypadkowy Tumblr z AC i zorientowac sie, ze ma sie do czynienia z Polka ;)

A ja nie wiedziałam, że Natasha potrafi mówić po polsku i ma konto na tumblerze xD

Ależ witam serdecznie w moich skromnych progach :D

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lunathelionheart asked: Hellllllooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

cccrystalclear asked: I like your icon too much

I can say the same about yours

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wakemad asked: Do you think it is a good idea to put Assassin's Creed in a Movie? Or do you like videogame movies in general? I don't think the Assassin's Creed movie is a good idea, just look at prince of persia and see how that turned out :/

Short answers: no and no.

Longer answers: [here] ;)