Anonymous asked: did you know that when blackbeard was 38 he married a 16 year old girl and then gave her to his ship's crew as a gift

I dunno if you read my AC4 review, but that’s exactly what I meant by making pirates too likeable in the game… not that I mind that much, actually :P

Let’s say that I knew that Blackbeard as a historical character wasn’t that good or honorable (if he was good or honorable at all) earlier, but this knowledge didn’t prevent me from adoring him in Black Flag ;) Even the fact how he probably treated women…

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erinasmile asked: Regarding the anon about the gamescom: If it's nothing too specific I might be able to help :) I visited gamescom every time during the last three years but each time only for one day.


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Anonymous asked: Hello! Do you know some details about gamescom in general? I have some kind of personal question that I would need someone pretty familiar with the con to answer

I’m afraid I might not be able to help… I’m going there for the first time :o

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Anonymous asked: Are you using photoshop cs5?

Yes :)

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damndewey asked: Have you ever wanted to play Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon?


I only played demo version but it was pretty awesome xD

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bear asked: i'm absolutely loving all of your the wolf among us stuff i'm so glad that you got into it because you're one of my favourite graphic makers

thank you <3333

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getinmyradiobed asked: Hi! I'm a big fan of your work; I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on The Wolf Among Us? I'm curious is all.

Sure ;)

If you are looking for a good detective story with a few very surprising plot twists, then I’m sure you will love TWAU, just like I do :D

Telltale makes very… let’s say, specific games, so TWAU is basically an arcade game where pretty much all your decision matters.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Fables comics by Bill Willingham, but the game is based on them. So yeah, you will meet a lot of characters from fables in TWAU, who are forced to live in New York and hide their true identity. You’re the Big Bad Wolf, who is a sheriff in this secret community, and he tries to solve a case of a few murders.

So yes, I really recommend to play this game because its storytelling is absolutely amazing :D

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klc-journei replied to your post: When you are near, my heart is at peac…

low chaos? high?

probably high chaos, because I really must clean the way this time and look for some safe paths… and I need to kill some guards for achievements anyway

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sheparrrd replied to your post: It’s 1:30am and I’m starting my 4th sa…

i just started a ghost/clean hands run and it’s super fun, if you haven’t done one~

yeah, it might be my next playthough :P

I still have some achievements that require getting my hands dirty and I will also use this save to look for some safe paths for the ghost run xD

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you tolerate acr as canon? Don't worry, I just want to hear your opinion! I personally enjoyed the storyline.

And I really didn’t :/ I love practically everything about this game besides the main storyline :P

Actually, it’s been ages since I even touched the game last time, because Kenways consumed my life… but I’m pretty sure if I replayed it now, I would give you far more reasons why I really don’t consider it as canon besides: a really not-convincing romance with Sofia, absolutely pointless Yusuf’s death and Ezio being a total jerk (not in a good way) at the end :|

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Anonymous asked: Be strong, lass. For every bad time there comes a good one and thou shall see these coming in the near future. Also you got Bigby without shirt, so you got that going for you, which is nice. Have a good night. =)

thank you ;w; and yes, shirtless handsome video game characters always make me feel better :’)

but it’s really an important thing this time… one of my dogs is probably dying and she was like always with me, so this news really broke me down today ;___;

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snixliciouss asked: Funny story I was super pissed about Bigby smoking that much too, and just like you did, I read the comics and everything was fine hahahaha

yeah xD

I was extremely angry when he looked at soda machine in ep2 and said “This shit will kill you,” because he was smoking all the time and still he pointed out that soda can kill you [shakes head]

then I read the comics and was like ‘AHHHH, okay Bigby, you can smoke your lungs out if you want’ :P

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laliachezo asked: Gah, i love assassin's creed and i love your blog and i love you and all your awesome posts and it's so nice to see you on my dashboard so just thank you for being you and yeah. uwu

kajshdkhfshkdasjhd thank you so much ;3;

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kaell-aeterna asked: In answer to the anon of earlier.. I think there will be an AC movie starring Michael Fassbender. Not sure if it has been confirmed, though. But I agree with you, I'm not very fond of movies based on video games. Hopefully, if this movie comes out, it won't be too bad.

Yes, there will be an AC movie with Fassbender, but that’s practically all what we know for now :/

And I totally agree with this anon

I really don’t want any connections to the games in the movie. It would be the best option imo.

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