Anonymous asked: no ladies??? :c

ahh no, not this time :c

I had only 10 places to fill, so characters like Isabela, Ziio, Black Widow didn’t make it THIS TIME

my real list of fave fictional characters would like this long

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doomedanyway asked: sofia sartor :D

curryx asked: anders or morrigan?

my babies ;w;

but they’re not on that list, sorry ;;;;;

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arkham-inmate-001 asked: varric! (imma keep goin till i fill that list haha)


but again… no :c

however like I said, one character from DA2 is on the list and it’s not Varric or any LI ;)

veleno-fiore asked: Garrett from Thief? ovo

I still haven’t played Thief, so obviously no 

s-p-a-n asked: Shot in the dark - JAMES KIDD?


but no, she’s not my 4th AC character on the list :P

Anonymous asked: Hmmm, Charles Vane?

I adore Charles, but no ;;

between-burning-blades asked: i Can ask again right? good old Ben Hornigold!


he’s definitely my fave character, but I wanted to make the list a little bit varied, so he’s not here ;___;

four AC characters are enough and my followers already guessed three of them :P

arkham-inmate-001 asked: alistair? or garrus vakarian?

no :c


however, there’s one character from DA on the list ;)

noblezou asked: EZIO AUDITORE.

As surprising as it sounds… no, he’s not on the list :/

drparisa replied to your post: So Dragon Age Inquisition is coming ou…

WELL, you can’t import your saves anyway, so… it won’t be bad if you played it on the ps3 :o

I know, my dear… but it’s like with Skyrim, I really can’t imagine playing this game on any other platform than PC :|

so PC is my preferred platform for DA games in general, but if I will not have any other choice, I’ll get it on my PS3 c:

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inside-animus asked: I want to play AC multyplayer with you someday! brotherhood or revelations, your uplay user is nyiro?

You can find all my usernames on different platforms [here] at the bottom of the page ;) And I usually accept all invitations to friends, so don’t be shy :o But it would be nice if you could tell me your nickname from tumblr if you’re inviting me anywhere, so I could know with who I am talking to xD

And as much as I would love to play with you asap, I’m afraid it might be not possible soon :(

At least when it comes to games that I own on PC. My laptop is basically a piece of crap atm and I don’t even have installed any AC games on it. I’ve been playing only on my PS3 lately… it hurts me, beause I wanted to finish the whole AC series before gamescom and take some new screencaps, but it’s not going to happen :|

That’s why I started [a donation thingy], so I hope that with a small support I will be able to kick some templar butts in AC Unity with some of you on PC or PS4 soon ;w;

Anyway, if my situation will change and I will be able to play more multiplayer games on PC, I’ll let everyone know on my blog, so you’ll probably notice it. But for now I’m really sorry that it’s not possible for me to play with you :c

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Anonymous asked: How many Followers ?

Enough to have a small army of awesome people :P

curryx replied to your post: anonymous said:hi nyiro! i looked…

you can actually buy stuff and get much stuff for free from the different booths of the different games, game developers/publishers, clothing and gaming device companies.. :) they often throw free stuff into the audience.

ah, that’s great :D

thanks for the info c:

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Anonymous asked: hi nyiro! i looked on the website for gamescom and it seemed.. really business orientated? not like a con at all! do you know what it's actually like? does it have vendors and guests and cosplay?

yeah, it’s a con for fans too :)

I think there’s just one day, when only media are allowed in. 4 days are for fans who can watch and try out various things.

Yup, there are always lots of cosplayers during such events and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT because I’ve never really saw any good cosplays, so I can’t wait now ;w;

But from what I know, you can’t sell/buy anything during gamescom, which is sad because I would buy many stuff, if there were any vendors :c

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