klc-journei asked: Listening to Ezio's family always wants to make me cry

Same here… same here…

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Anonymous asked: You should also try the first Witcher game, even if it doesn't look like it it's frikin awesome and for me it's even better than Assassins of Kings in general.

Please… You think I haven’t played the first Witcher game? ;)

I finished it like 4 times :P 

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davidbedard replied to your post: I have a small question :P I’ve been …

Yep, you play the exact same character you’ve built up over time no matter what type of mission you play.

Alright, thanks for explaining ;)

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kyoyaxl replied to your post: ABOUT DAMN TIME I haven’t pre-ordere…

Pc version, for real. Better quality :P

I’ll get PC version as well, but later xD

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Anonymous asked: Glad. I wasn't the only one who got a new computer for Unity. Well.. I want another computer anyway, just that I needed a more powerful one to play games.

Unity was just one of the reasons why I chose to buy a new PC ;)

but I was wondering if I should buy PC or PS4 for a long time, but I needed sth better for making graphics so yeah, PC was better option xD

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Anonymous asked: Mind if I ask you what configuration you have on your PC? I'm looking to buy one for gaming as well and I'm not sure what to look for.

Okay, I honestly don’t know much about PC hardware and my friend had to help me out, but he said that it’s quite powerful for the price that I paid and I should be happy so… here’s the configuration but I’m not sure if it will help you out much :/

- DDR3 PLAY 8192MB PC1600 2x4GB BLACK CL9
- Adata SSD XPG SX900 128GB 2.5” SATA3 SF2281 Sync 555/530 MB/s
- SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon R9 280 3072MB DDR5/384bit DVI/HDMI/DP PCI-E (940/5000) (wer. OC w/BOOST)
I don’t know what most of it means lol

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Anonymous asked: Have you considered the main character in the present day in black flag a woman?

Well yeah hahaha :’) it was me after all :P

but now I’m curious how the modern storyline will look in ACU and ACRogue, because Ubisoft is quiet as always about this…

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callous-and-sin asked: Love that your icon is Shay from Rogue! Glad to see someone else is really looking forward to it just as much as I am.

tbh, I’m 10000000000 times more excited for AC Rogue than AC Unity ;;

and if you know me a little bit, you exactly know why Haytham baby ;w;

but Rogue’s storyline is also 10000000000 times more appealing to me than Unity’s one atm as well… can’t say if it’s actually better, I will play both games and then decide if my first impressions were correct :P

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condortsunami asked: My guardians based of the winter solider too! Looks exactly the same apart from he is a titan

Cool! :D

but I don’t play Destiny and I don’t think I ever will and that handsome “Winter Guardian” belongs to berunov ;) maybe your characters will meet on some mission one day and kick some aliens’ asses together xD

just imagine the whole squad of guardians based on The Winter Soldier kicking aliens’ asses together  (☞゚∀゚)☞

that’s what James is actually doing right now in comicbooks lol

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moltobenene replied to your post:

are you excited for Rogue coming to PC? :D


I’m going to get it on PS3 first anyway, but I’ll be able to make some quality edits from the PC version later c:

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hamazura-shiage asked: Hey, too lazy to really look it up, but what is AC Rogue about? I only know about Unity since it looks awesome, but haven't looked at any info about Rogue

Short summary of Assassin’s Creed Rogue for you :P still I dunno why it’s called Assassin’s Creed after all

You’re playing as Shay Patrick Cormac, ex-Assassin and now a bloodthirsty Templar hunting his former brothers under the wings of the one and only member of the Kenway family that couldn’t climb dumb trees - Haytham. You’re probably going to destroy everyone you might have liked from AC3 and AC4 since such characters like Achilles Davenport and Adewale will make and apperance and they will try to stab Shay’s butt for sure.

Get ready for lots of killing Assassins, lots of sailing since Shay has his own ship accidentally named Morrigan after a Witch of the Wilds from DAO and hopefully new handsome characters besides that dumbass Cormac x)

Also why not recycle a great AC4 gameplay if we can make more money from it? - thinks Ubisoft




shepardsassassins replied to your post: Okay, now I know DAI requirements, but…

theyre on amazon!

really? but is there any official info from Ubisoft yet? :o

Anonymous asked: 900p/30FPS onf PC? Yeah sure, and what's next? Ice cream that tastes bad? Please....

Didn’t you get that heavy hint of sarcasm in my reply, did you? :P

Anyway, lately it became really difficult to watch Ubisoft shooting at their feet all the time with announcements like that… 3 of my friends with next gen consoles are considering buying AC Unity now, when they used to be totally sure that they would get it B(

Anonymous asked: that whole ac unity thing with "900p/30fps". i don't understand, is that bad or something?

Okay, I’m not a specialist but I’ll try to explain…

900p means resolution and 30fps means framerate (FPS = frames per second) so as always everything is about graphics and game performance :|

The thing is… AC Unity should be a truly next gen experience and you can already play games on PS4 in better resolution (1080p), but not on Xbox One, so Ubi decided to put a restriction on PS4 version just to be fair bullshit, I want to know how much Microsoft paid for that

And the 30fps is quite low for the game that comes out only for next gen and PC too, it’s more about the comfort of playing because it’s better to play in 60fps and Ubi said that they couldn’t make game with higher framerate because of AI

You know… usually the standard for PC games is 1080p/60fps and suddenly the next gen consoles get ‘worse’ versions of the game, because of such things? Maybe they will announce soon that PC version will be also in 900p/30fps just to be fair?

I hope now you understand the problem here and why so many people are pissed off again :/

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Anonymous asked: when you eventually do get Unity, will you get it on Xbox One or PS4?

I’m definitely going to get AC Unity :D But on PC…